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Fly Fishing in Sun Valley

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You'll be Hooked, Lined, and Sinkered!

It’s you and Mother Nature - in sync - in the water. Fly fishing in Idaho is an angler’s dream come true. Welcome to Sun Valley!

Our slice of paradise will bring you closer to the native Chinook salmon, steelhead, bull, rainbow and brown trout, not to mention the cutthroats. Grab your waders, float tube, fly rod and ties - it’s time to get ready for the rise.  Click here for the current fishing forecast provided by Silver Creek Outfitters.

Where to Fly Fish in the Sun Valley Area

Centrally located in Southern Idaho, the Wood River Valley yields easy access to fly fishing with access to some of the most amazing waterways. Whether venturing out to the headwaters of the Salmon or to the banks of the Lost River, you will not be disappointed.

Here are some of our favorite fly fishing spots in and around Sun Valley:

Fly Fishing in Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley Area Fly Fishing Guides

First time out? How do you know what to look for in your first fly rod? Much of the cast is in the wrist and problems can arise if you go too far on the back cast. If this is the case, what do you do? What about mending too aggressively or not aggressively enough? There is gear (AKA fishing tackle) to secure and flies to tie. There are bubble lines to follow and arcs to hold in your rod.

These decisions can be overwhelming. If you're looking to enjoy Idaho's fly fishing, you may consider making a reservation with one of our many local guides. There are clinics for all ages and skill levels as well as guided fishing trips. 

Here are some of the local outfitters that can take the troubleshooting out and put the thrill back in! They can help plan a fantastic and memorable adventure that will be one for the books.

Start Planning Your Vacation Now

Whether new to the sport or a seasoned enthusiast, Idaho’s rivers are the place to be, and a vacation in Sun Valley provides many options for fly fishing. Just by being here, you are near outfitters that can get you ready to jump in hook, line, and sinker! Start planning your trip now, by booking your Sun Valley vacation rental